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Cruceros Australis

Patagonia & Adventure Traveling Downloads

Download our Guides, Brochures and Rates


Your One-Stop Guide to the Best Global Destinations for Nature Lovers

  • 7 of the best nature and wildlife destinations:
    • The Galápagos Islands
    • The Amazon Rainforest
    • Patagonia
    • Borneo
    • Madagascar
    • Botswana
  • Tips for the types of animals you can hope to spot in each.
  • The best times of the year to travel to each one.
  • Practical considerations for organizing a trip to a region rich in wildlife.

A Complete Guide to Exploring the Southern Cone

To inspire and assist you in your plans for visiting South America, this guide includes:

  • 12 Unmissable Highlights of the Southern Cone. 

  • 5 alternatives for Two-Week Travel Itineraries.

  • Country-specific travel information: 
    • Visas
    • Best time to visit
    • Currency
    • Advice about staying safe while traveling.



Chile for Wine Lovers

To help you prepare, we’ve created Chile for Wine Lovers: The Best Wines to Try From Chile While Visiting The Country. Download your free copy and you’ll discover:

  • Why Chile is the perfect destination for wine lovers
  • The main varieties of Chilean wine
  • The key wine regions in Chile
  • Colchagua’s Ruta del Vino, a wine tour experience not to be missed
  • A little about Argentina, Chile’s neighbour and a great wine producer
  • Other helpful guides for you, the wine lover

Sailing to the End of the Earth: How to visit Cape Horn

  • Who discovered Cape Horn on January 29, 1616.
  • How Darwin avoided almost certain death in the waters surrounding Cape Horn.
  • What attractions are found on the island, including information about the poignant Cape Horn Monument.
  • Which itineraries are available for sailing to Cape Horn.
  • What to bring on a cruise and how to prepare for the region’s turbulent weather conditions.

A Practical Guide to Planning Your Next Vacation in Patagonia

Looking to plan your once-in-a-lifetime vacation to Patagonia?

You’ll learn:

  • Inspiring highlights.
  • Patagonia’s abundant wildlife.
  • Ideal time for visiting the region.
  • Accommodation and the best online sites for making your reservations.
  • How to travel around this vast region.
  • The essential gear to pack for your Patagonian vacation.

Australis Patagonia Cruises Brochure

Our brochure gives you a useful tool for learning about the different attractions that we provide, routes, cuisine, and the appropriate attire during your visit to Patagonia.

  • The extraordinary landscape and fascinating wildlife you can see when you travel with us.
  • Discover al the different itineraries and routes that Australis Cruises offer.
  • Meet the multidisciplinary experts that will be on your Expedition Team. 
  • Discover how is life onboard Australis Cruises.
  • What will you need to bring?
AUS - Portada EN

Australis Patagonia Cruises Rates & Departures

Practical information regarding M/v Stella Australis Cruises. It includes:

  • A map of the Patagonia area containing:
    • Our embarkation points
    • Escursion sites
    • Other highlights of Patagonia
  • Cabin Types and Rates.
  • Departure days for each of our routes. 
  • Traveling details and conditions.

Bird Watching in Patagonia and Cape Horn

To take the stress out of planning a Patagonian vacation with a focus on bird watching, we’ve compiled this practical guide. Join us as we lead you through:

  • Region’s most typical – and unusual – species.

  • Best places for Birdwatching.

  • Peak Seasons for Bird Watching.

  • Practical information for arranging a trip to the fascinating wildernesses of Patagonia

Couple Experience: Unique and Original Vacation Ideas for Special Occasions

If you and your partner are looking for something truly unique, look no further. We have gathered together four of the ultimate vacation experiences for couples, and we are confident that you’ll find some inspiration here.

What do you prefer? 

  • A cruise to the end of the earth?

  • A close encounter with the ocean’s greatest predator?

  • A weird and wonderful wildlife that inspired Charles Darwin’s Theory of Evolution?

  • A candlelit dinner at centuries-old wine castles?