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Cruceros Australis

A unique and unrepeatable journey

Plan in advance your expedition through Patagonia.

Our brochure gives you a useful tool for learning about our exclusive route.


Our four-night route between the cities of Punta Arenas in Chile and Ushuaia in Argentina does not stop at intermediate ports. Instead, it goes through channels that medium or massive cruise ships cannot navigate. 


What's inside


  • Why this Cruise to Patagonia? 

Discover the privilege to sail where only a few can reach and plan in advance your expedition through Patagonia. 


  • What will the itinerary cover? 
  • Rates & Departures
  • How is life onboard Ventus & Stella Australis Cruise?
    Onboard, you will enjoy the warmth of a premium all-inclusive service.

  • Pricing conditions & Special Rates
    Discover all the different and special rates that Australis Cruises offer.

  • Covid-19 related conditions

  • Equipment: What will I need to bring?



Download our brochure by filling the form on this page.