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Cruceros Australis

Australis Downloads | Brochures and Rates

Download our Brochures and Rates

Australis Patagonia Cruises Brochure

Our brochure gives you a useful tool for learning about the different attractions that we provide, routes, cuisine, and the appropriate attire during your visit to Patagonia.

  • The extraordinary landscape and fascinating wildlife you can see when you travel with us.
  • Discover al the different itineraries and routes that Australis Cruises offer.
  • Meet the multidisciplinary experts that will be on your Expedition Team. 
  • Discover how is life onboard Australis Cruises.
  • What will you need to bring?

Australis Patagonia Cruises Rates & Departures

Practical information regarding M/V Stella and Ventus Australis Cruises. It includes:

  • A map of the Patagonia area containing:
    • Our embarkation points
    • Excursion sites
    • Other highlights of Patagonia
  • Cabin Types and Rates.
  • Departure days for each of our routes. 
  • Traveling details and conditions.