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Australis and the Art of Photography

Freelance Photographer for the National Geographic Traveller UK
Award-Winning Photographer with Wanderlust and the British Guild of Travel Writers












February 16th, 2025 from Punta Arenas  to Ushuaia
February 20th, 2025 from Ushuaia to Punta Arenas
on board Stella Australis.


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Expert photographer Nori Jemil has lived in Santiago de Chile for many years, visiting Patagonia multiple times during her time there. Photography is her passion and she has been widely recognised for it across the world, making her one of the best possible candidates to lead onboard seminars with Australis, explaining how to create fantastic images, understand the proper use of light, angles and lenses to get those perfect Patagonian pictures, even in difficult conditions.Whether that’s a unique landscape, sunset or wild animals, we’ll hold workshops to get the most out of your camera, with a focus on manual photography and the general improvement of picture composition.Nori will accompany you on excursions too, meaning she can answer any questions directly while also applying her expert eye to your shots. And, at the end of the trip, you’ll have the opportunity to edit photos, get further practical tips to improve the shot and overall celebrate the results with the rest of this exclusive, small group of fellow photographers. 

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